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Friday, July 02, 2004
"Please don't leave me without saying goodbye."

Yup, that's right. I moved again. Enjoy...

Press Me, I Want You

Eberyone Break to the Electric Bugaloo

Posted at Friday, July 02, 2004 by this_guy
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Saturday, May 29, 2004

this distance between us could kill me,
but please, i'm too young to die . . .
i ask for the tolerance to keep my sanity,
if you're not in it ... what is this life ?

it's not worth living; bury me six feet under
after that departing kiss, i'll dig my grave ...
because i live for you, i breathe for you
so please ... i dont want to suffocate .

following that moment our eyes unlock,
and we're no longer in eachother's sight,
please pull my trigger; light my fuse,
because my life with end that night .

if dreaming of you is my only choice,
please let me peacefully die in my sleep ...
if you're not the name etched in my heart,
rip it out ... leave me here to bleed .

hand me the poison: the antidote's vile
if my only option is to see you through death,
i'll sit in the clouds and wait for you
be my romeo ... i'll be your juliet .

i can't bare to ever lose your grip,
hold my hand a million miles away ...
and i promise you, i will stay true,
... we'll be together again someday .

i promise i'll wait for you; i wont let go
remember i'll always be by your side ...
so please, don't let this distance kill me,
dont let go ... because you are my life .

Posted at Saturday, May 29, 2004 by NiCOLE COSTiNiANO
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Do us all a favor and stop being so gay. haha

emo this... emo that... when will it end? how can you say that everything is "emo?" do you even know what emo is? im pretty sure i dont know the true meaning of being "emo" is, but i definitely know why they call it EMOtional... TRUE emo has nothing to do with what you wear... "emo" doesnt need to be advertised. emotions are on the inside, doofus. sure, emo became a trend now, but i know thats not what real emo is... if you wanna be so "emo," do it right. "real" emo kids dont really know that they're emo... if they do, they dont really admit to it. but some of you people make it so obvious, pointing out that everything is "emo" or "rockstar." but why would you wanna follow a trend? why leave one trend to follow another trend? first skater, then punk, now "emo." stick to one, my dear. if you keep switching from one stereotype to the next, you really dont know who you are. you admit to being what you switch to then you find something new and wanna follow that. then you always point out how different you are. if you think of yourself as someone who differs from one trend, dont make it so obvious. dont go around telling people that you're different... it just makes you look like and idiot, and no one is gonna like you. leaving one trend to be "different" wont really make you different because you're bouncing from one trend to another, therefore you wont be different because you're just in another trend... you'll only differ from another trend. in reality, there is no such thing as avoiding trends. everything becomes a trend, even i'm in a trend. you only do this so you can be different... it's not what you really want. you're not doing this just cuz you want to... you only are so that you can be different. so stop trying so hard to make yourself look different, buddy. emo this, emo that. rockstar this, rockstar that. please, just stop it. while you make people in a trend feel like idiots you're just doing it to yourself too because you brag about it... quit rubbing it in people's faces. and people like you just seem to ruin the trend. but if you're happy with the way you are, then i guess it's up to you... i just hope you unlock and open this door for your rude awakening to reality, slick. okay, im done. sorry if i made you cry, but thats what you "emo" kids do, right?

Posted at Wednesday, May 19, 2004 by this_guy
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